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Outfield Cliff (Epilogue)

Hey good news, kids! The Mets fiscal cliff is over! The team has repayed their loans from SNY, which means that the television station can air something other than Beer Money in January, and possibly buy a satellite truck that is strong enough to avoid those sunspots they get every year during spring training. Oh yeah, and the Mets themselves will get financial relief! Oh happy day! Surely we'll spend some money now and try to compete in 2013!!!

Or we could have Justin Turner in the outfield.

A team insider said Justin Turner actually should get strong consideration as a platoon outfielder too, despite no experience out there. That could also allow the Mets to have both Brandon Hicks and Omar Quintanilla on the roster as infielders.

Is this the part where the Mets close off all their practices so that they can keep their game plan for Justin Turner a secret, and then never use him? Will they put him in the wildcat package?

Great. And the same Rubin article which uncovered that nugget of information also said that Lucas Duda "appears penciled in as the primary left fielder". A more appealing scenario is to take the pencil and jam it in my eyes so that I wouldn't have to see Lucas Duda play left field. Or ground out to second. Or watch Justin Turner stumble after a fly ball like he was Joba Chamberlain on a trampoline.

(Turner played eight games in the outfield in his life … at Billings in 2006. He did not make an error. There. I feel better now.)

But the Wilpons have financial relief. That's all that matters. First ball that Justin Turner lets drop will comfort me knowing that the alternative was for Jeff Wilpon not to have a "Weekend Porsche".