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P.O.P (Protect Our Pick)

Funny how one night after Carlos Gomez goes into "Falling Down" mode after hitting a home run off Paul Maholm, David Wright gets beaned in the head by an errant changeup by Johnny Hellweg. This of course would give Wright full rights to salsa around the basis the next time he hits a home run off Johnny Hellweg. And if you know me at all, you would think that I would have been all over the position of beaning any Brewer that moved.

And yet, I felt what you humans call compassion. Compassion for Hellweg, who was obviously out of sorts after hitting Wright, as he hit Lucas Duda on the next pitch with a slider, and was obviously all over the place. Hellweg threw 37 strikes out of 80 pitches. It was probably the precaution that forced Terry Collins to pull Wright out of the game. TC didn't want Wright to get hit again by this guy.

Luckily, Wright is okay. And the Mets now only need to worry about their player evaluations, which should be full of puppies and sunshine after only scoring one run in four innings against a guy who threw 37 strikes out of 80 pitches. But you know, the Mets don't even need to evaluate their players because I can do it for them.

Terry, they stink.

And please, no more evaluating Mike Baxter. We have enough to go on. Thank you.

The Mets lost to the Brewers 4-1, improving their shot at a protected draft pick. Note that the Brewers' lineup had no Carlos Gomez, no Ryan Braun, no Aramis Ramirez, Gorman Thomas, Cecil Cooper, or Ben Oglivie. So you would think that the Mets had to really be trying to lose to get that top ten draft pick. To that I say … have you watched this team all season? There's no tanking going on here. In fact, there's not much of anything going on here, as it looked like there was barely 100 people in the stands, and you can clearly hear one of them on SNY chant DU-DA DU-DA DU-DA every time he was at-bat, before every pitch.

(Editor's note: If you do this, or you have that high pitched scream that you use indiscriminately in a stadium just to get on television, you deserve to have your flesh turned inside out and shoved in your skeleton, giving you an exoskeleton, and then you deserve to be beaten with a hammer.)