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Random Audio: Wally Backman

I’m a little late in getting around to this, but this is an interview that my friends at Sports Talk NY on WLIE 540 AM did this past Sunday with former Mets second baseman and organizational coach (and polarizing managerial figure) Wally Backman. Whether you are for or against Wally as a manager, this is a 30 minute interview you should definitely take a listen to. Will it change your mind about whether Backman should have been or be the Mets manager, probably not. But to hear his perspective on matters is fascinating.

He discusses his dismissal, his relationship with Sandy Alderson, his feelings on the role of a manager today vs. the eighties, sabermetrics, and which starting rotation is better between the ’86 champs or the ’15 pennant winners. It’s a great listen so please give it a whirl: