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Really? Mets To Acquire A.J. Ramos, I Guess

Okay, my head hurts.

So we’re selling, and buying? Or are we just clock-blocking the Nationals?

Ramos was an All-Star in 2016 but had his best season in 2015 with a WHIP of 1.009 and a career low 3.3 BB/9. And he’s under Mets control in 2018, which lends credence to Sandy Alderson’s plan to retool for 2018 rather than have a total rebuild for beyond that. Ramos will also improve the bullpen for this year and perhaps soften the blow of trading Addison Reed, making it less possible that the Mets will play a game that lasts until the end of time because they’ll have nobody who can get the last out of a 15-3 game.

According to the fine folks in the SNY broadcast booth, A-ball players Ricardo Cespedes (22nd best Mets prospect) and Merandy Gonzalez (9th best Mets prospect) are going the other way.

Excuse me while I up my peyote dosage while Louis Winthrop and Billy Ray Valentine secretly run the Mets.