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Rocky Road

It was a dark and stormy night.  And the Mets played baseball.  This dark and stormy night came one night after the Mets didn’t play baseball on a dark and not stormy night.  But while the Mets didn’t see fit to play baseball on a dry night, they saw fit to send Daniel Murphy out to play on a bed of chocolate ice cream.  And with the solid white home uniforms, Murphy looked like a marshmallow.

It wasn’t a “rocky road” (see what I did there) to the Mets’ first shutout of the season, as Jon Niese went seven strong innings, and Justin Turner kept up his timely run production with a two run double to give the Mets much needed insurance runs, and knocked Tom Gorzellany out of the game.

“I hung a slider down the middle. If you can’t hit that, you don’t deserve to be here.” -Tom Gorzellany

Brad Emaus would have looked at that pitch for called strike three … and he’s not here, is he?  Well played, Tom.

(Just kidding … Gorzellany has never heard of Brad Emaus.)

Well, Thursday is a 1:10 start.  As of this writing, Pete Flynn has 11 hours to turn a bowl of melted Haagen Dazs into a major league ball field.  It’s like Dinner Impossible, but the groundscrew doesn’t get to eat.