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Remember when the Mets used to be able to attract real celebrities?

Now we have pregnant reality stars making appearances at Citi Field.

Yup, Snooki. Wearing her Mets fandom on her sleeve while obviously trying to become that right-handed power bat the Mets so desperately need. Oddly enough, she might be able to hit the ball farther while pregnant than Lucas Duda can. Which is probably why Duda was out of the lineup on Monday against the Nationals.

It didn’t help.

It didn’t help because extra inning games means Russian Bullpen Roulette, where more innings more chances for Met brains to splatter all over the wet infield. Tim Byrdak took the loss, but it was Pedro Beato who pulled the trigger as Byrdak was victimized by a huge error by Ruben Tejada on a perfect throw from Byrdak which should have started a double play. Instead, Byrdak was pulled for Beato who gave up six runs (two of Byrdak’s and four of his own) in the tenth to send the Mets to another extra inning loss.

Beato was sent down after the game, but not because the Mets were bringing in a big time reliever. Sandy Alderson decided instead to rearrange the deck chairs of this sinking ship and bring back Manny Acosta … because he worked so well the first time around. Yup, Manny Acosta. The Mets need help in the bullpen and they decide to fix this by bringing back Manny Acosta and his 11.86 ERA. But by all means remind me that the Mets are just one winning streak away from being back in the playoff race. Yeah, like there will be any winning streaks with the human white flag being handed the baseball. Is there really nobody else? Have we really run out of ideas? Because if so, just let me know and I’ll spend the rest of the summer in the monastery.

I’d sooner trust Snooki’s fetus to get Ryan Zimmerman out.