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So What Were We Waiting For, Exactly?

We all wondered why we were subjected to Miguel Batista start after Miguel Batista start when this kid Harvey was ripening in Buffalo. Well now we know. Matt Harvey needed every last inning in Buffalo to prepare for what he did Thursday night in Arizona.

Crazy like foxes, these Met front office types. Eh?

Matt Harvey, in his first start ever in the major leagues, became the first pitcher since 1900 to strike out more than 10 hitters and get two hits in his major league debut (maybe he should hit fifth). And, he broke the Mets record for most strikeouts in a major league debut. Two guys held that record, one of which was Bill Denehy (who I mention because how often does he get mentioned … ever), and the other one was Tom Seaver. Matt Harvey erased Tom Seaver from a line in the record book. Not bad.

Matt Harvey was so good on Thursday with his riding fastball and his pounding of the outside corner (see the Paul Goldschmidt K in the first), that a game that started with Gary and Keith talking about egg frittatas and fruit salad ended with them talking about a historic performance. Thankfully, it didn’t end with Bobby Parnell ruining the whole thing with a blown save, as K-Parn’s two walks led to a showdown with Jason Kubel as the winning run. As his final pitch traveled right down the middle, I caught exclusive video of New York City’s reaction (at the nine second mark):


But for some inexplicable reason, Kubel let it go instead of jacking it for the winning three run homer and the Mets won their second game since the All-Star break. And the only thing left to find out was whether Harvey would get hit with a pie. His eyes were darting throughout his congratulatory interview with Kevin Burkhardt, but no pie would arrive. Probably a smart move. Then you’d have everyone and their mother blasting the Mets for throwing pies around after going 1-11. Calling them classless and what not. Smart to celebrate with Harvey without the cameras around.