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Splat Roulette

Do you remember that episode of South Park where the community tried to save the town from being made into an interstate highway by pooling their money and putting it all on 31 black, and they won $350,000? But then they thought that if they put that money on 31 black again and it hit, “We can save the town and be super-rich!” And then it came up 2 red (even though there really isn’t a 2 red on a roulette board) and the town moaned … “AWWWWWWW”?

Reminds me of that time Saturday night that everybody thought that Lucas Duda’s home run off of Tim Hudson would be a prelude career arc for him, and that maybe he could be a hero two nights in a row? Facing Craig Kimbrel, no less?


Well, it wasn’t like it was all Duda’s fault, as Kimbrel’s stuff was so good he threw a curveball that hit David Wright in the badoingas. How does that happen? It happens when Wright moves out of the way and then the damn thing goes straight down, and boom. Groin shot. It makes sense. The Mets had won two games in a row in dramatic fashion, and seven out of eight overall (albeit most of them against the Marlins and Pirates). It’s like the world returned them to their regularly scheduled groin shots.

Chris Young was solid for six innings, but took the loss in what very well might be his final start as a Met. Young is due to have a normal off-season and a 2013 in which he’ll finally be a full year removed from arm surgery, and I’d almost want to see him back here as insurance in case either Niese is traded, Santana can’t go or is moved to the bullpen, or Zack Wheeler isn’t ready. Once Chris Capuano evaded arm problems for a season, he made a marked improvement. Too bad he made that improvement with the Dodgers because the Mets chose to trust Mike Pelfrey again rather than give Capuano the second year he wanted. It was the equivalent of putting $5 million on 31 black.