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Steal His Couch Next?

After blowing his first ninth inning save opportunity on Friday night, David Aardsma came home on Friday night to this:


Whether crooks in New York have gotten more selective with their robberies than Justin Turner is when facing a curveball pitcher is another matter altogether. But the fact remains that Aardsma couldn't have gotten a good night's sleep which is the only thing you really need when playing a day game after a night game. So of course he gave up the winning home run to Justin Maxwell when he had to come into the game in the 12th inning. He was tired and cranky. That's the only reason why he threw a meatball even bigger than the one that Keith Hernandez needed to eat on camera.

I was also tired and cranky, but not because my bed was stolen. I was cranky because if the Mets had bothered to get more than one run off of Bruce Chen, who is so old that he's the last remaining active player out of any of his former Mets teammates (true story), then David Aardsma and his lack of sleep would not have been an issue. Maybe the Royals don't celebrate by making the Mets' playing field a mix of Tuckahoe Kentucky Bluegrass and barbecue sauce. Maybe Josh Satin wins the game instead of ties the game in the eighth and sends another game into extra innings … Extra innings which had Gary Cohen rationalizing about long games and rain delays and flight delays, which is a nice way of saying that this has been a long freaking season.

But not like 2009, when Justin Maxwell did this off of K-Rod:

If you look closely, I'm the guy by the Mets dugout firing Jerry Manuel.

Compare that to Saturday when Maxwell did this off Aard-Rod:

Perhaps somebody should steal Justin Maxwell's bed.