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The 2011 Hall of Hate: Bernazard vs. Molina

We’re knee deep in the second round, guys. Oliver Perez became our first semifinalist as he beat Cole Hamels … convincingly … 42-19. So now we move on to the next vote:


(3) Tony Bernazard vs. (6) Yadier Molina:

How they got here:

Bernazard and Molina both dispatched of their first round opponents fairly easily. Bernazard trounced Richie Hebner 52-11, while Molina defeated Mel Rojas 37-19. I give Molina a punchers chance like I would give anybody a punchers chance. But with at least one Molina voter thinking of changing his vote because of Yadier’s role in defeating the hated Philadelphia Phillies in the NLDS, the stance seems to be softening on the youngest Molina brother. My how times have changed from when he was public enemy number one just five years ago (shows you how disgusting the Phillies are.) Going up against Tony Bernazard is a tough, tough chore. But as always, it’s up to you:

2011 Hall of Hate: 3 vs. 6
(3) Tony Bernazard
(6) Yadier Molina
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You have until 3PM tomorrow afternoon to vote in this bracket, but you won’t have to wait 24 hours for the next vote … Jimmy Rollins vs. Guillermo Mota to come early tomorrow morning, so be ready as we’re coming close to what is sure to be an epic final.