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The 2011 Hall of Hate: Hamels vs. The SNY Commercials

Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Combat those Monday blues by voting in today’s Hall of Hate matchup: 4 vs. 13 …


(4) Cole Hamels vs. (13) The SNY Commercials

Why you should hate Cole Hamels:

You probably hate Cole Hamels for the “chokers” comment. Good call, though he was kinda pushed into it by Joe Beningo and Evan Roberts. I hate Cole Hamels for admonishing Paul Lo Duca for pointing his fingers toward the sky after rounding the bases on a home run, when Hamels had been in the league all of ten minutes in 2007. Another sanctimonious big mouth from Philadelphia, big f’n shocker. At least the early end to the 2011 season means that Hamels won’t spend the World Series wishing the season would end.

Why you should hate SNY’s commercials:

I don’t smoke. I think the message that you shouldn’t smoke should be out there. But for God’s sake every half inning? I gotta hear a guy coughing his lungs up every ten minutes? I go through enough of that watching the Mets when the commercials aren’t on. And the guy with the hole in his throat made a comeback too in 2011. How about the one where he’s talking about being an umpire, and the director of the commercial makes him stand behind a gated fence, and had a foul ball hit the fence right by him so he can jerk his head back. How many takes did that take? Hasn’t that guy been through enough without throwing balls at him at top speed from behind a fence and probably giving him nightmares about almost being hit with a baseball? “Guy’s got a hole in his throat, ooh I know, let’s throw baseballs at him!” I mean, you shouldn’t smoke, but jeez, enough!

And that’s not even mentioning all the Derek Jeter commercials … and have you noticed that SNY doesn’t even get the current Derek Jeter commercials? They’re still running the ones where he’s riding the blazing copper edge with the vista roof while sporting a damn flat-top haircut from back in 2008. What’s next, Mickey Mantle for Maypo?

2011 Hall of Hate: 4 vs. 13
Cole Hamels
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The winner of this matchup faces Oliver Perez in the second round.