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The 2011 Hall of Hate: Rollins vs. Mota

We march on for our 2011 Hall of Hate voting:


(2) Jimmy Rollins vs. (7) Guillermo Mota

How they got here:

Aside from being complete idiots, these two got here by obliterating their opponents. Jimmy Rollins demolished Jeff Torborg by an embarrassing score of 64-10, and Mota defeated Pete Rose by a score of 49-12, which you wouldn’t have expected from a 7 vs. 10 matchup (great job, selection committee.) Here’s a useless stat: Rollins is 3-for-19 lifetime against Mota with a double and a triple. But I have a feeling that Rollins’ first home run off Mota comes with this vote. But don’t let me influence you. I like to see close votes so all you Mota haters (and there’s plenty of reasons to hate him), let your votes be heard!

2011 Hall of Hate: 2 vs. 7
(2) Jimmy Rollins
(7) Guillermo Mota
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