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The 2011 Hall of Hate: The Finals!!!

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. We’ve finally reached the finals in our 2011 Hall of Hate voting. Can’t say that I’m surprised at the two participants:


(1) The Wilpons vs. (2) Jimmy Rollins

Rollins got to the finals by dominating the competition. He won by scores of 64-10, 55-14, and 60-21 (179-45, if you’re counting.) Rollins has finished second in the voting the last two years, so he has that bridesmaid tag on him. The Wilpons, meanwhile, just barely defeated Oliver Perez 43-41 to reach this stage. But as we know, it’s all about matchups so this is anyone’s vote.

2011 Hall of Hate: The Final Vote
(1) The Wilpons
(2) Jimmy Rollins
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This is it, boys and girls. Winner take all. Most votes gets the coveted induction. And for such an important vote, we’re going to extend the voting: You have until Friday, October 28th at 11:59 PM to cast your vote, and we’ll announce the winner next Monday. If you haven’t voted in any of the previous rounds, this is the one to make your vote count. I anticipate a fiercely close vote, so have at it!