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The Biggest Fish In The Pond

The crack staff and I wondered where Jon Rauch would land … especially after the Mets had basically signed his replacements for bargain basement prices. I for one figured that Rauch had a modest payday coming after a season with a WHIP of 0.98 … at least a salary close to the $3.5 million he made in 2012. So the big deal that Rauch couldn't get with the Mets that he got today? A $1 million deal with the Marlins. And it forces me to ask this: Was Rauch that disgusted by fans taunting him on twitter, and taunting Jason Bay in real life that he would leave the Mets … not for a better money deal, and not to go to a winner … but to play for the Marlins for a million bucks? Because if that was the price, hell even Sandy Alderson might have bit. Though something tells me that this was a mutual decision to part ways from the start. Rauch wasn't even mentioned in any rumors regarding the Mets since that last game in Miami, so it was easy to figure for me (and I might be completely wrong) that Rauch wanted out of here, and the Mets didn't mind.

But a million? To play with the Marlins? And watch that sculpture convulse when he gives up a home run? Ouch.