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The Effects According To Keith

Zack Wheeler officially became a Met today … he was scratched from his start due to injury. It was a mild oblique strain, and according to the broadcast, Wheeler doesn't think it's anything serious and that he'll make his next start. Of course, Ike Davis thought he was playing on May 11th, 2011. And Daniel Murphy is 7 to 10 days away from playing baseball, a revelation that came mere moments after Kevin Burkhardt saw Murphy in the dugout and wondered: "he's gotta be close, right?" Wrong.

All was not lost as Ruben Tejada returned from his strained quad, and the only other things seemingly bruised were Rob Carson's calf on a line drive, along with some of Rob Carson and the rest of the bullpen's pitches in a 12-4 loss to the Cardinals. The humorous part of the afternoon came when Ron Darling said that a fan in the stands looked like Saints defensive coordinator Rob Ryan. And Keith Hernandez said:

"See what happens when you root for the Mets for decades?"

That's right. Keith Hernandez, who won a title with the Mets, made an implied and direct corollary between rooting the the Mets and aging less than gracefully. Not an Internet troll or a wise-ass blogger, mind you. Keith Hernandez said this. Have the effects of rooting for this team become this obvious? And can each white hair on this guy's head be blamed on a particular Mets loss over the last 25 seasons? And would it surprise you to know that this guy is only 32 years old?

That's right, kids. This is your future.