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The Mets We Know And Love

You see, you might think that Mets fans overreact to one loss after starting the season 4-0. And you might be right. It’s the same way Mets fans overreact to starting the season 4-0. We were excited … as we should have been. But now it all comes crashing down. And we’re down in the dumps. As we should be.

You might not understand this phenomenon. But when, in the span of two minutes, you hear Gary Cohen tell you that David Wright, the Mets best hitter so far this season, has a fractured pinkie … and then Daniel Murphy boots a double play ball right after that as if one led directly to the other (this coming after Murphy bobbled a transfer at second and before he threw a ball perfectly to his first baseman Gheorghe Muresan … so much for that improved defense), you can understand fully why Mets fans would think the sky was falling. What you can’t understand fully was why the Mets’ right fielder would play a fly ball like the sky was falling:


And with that, the perfect season was over. But hey, it was fun while it lasted. And with Wright’s pinkie in a splint, who knows how long we’re going to have to cling to the memories of a 4-0 start. It isn’t like the statement on Wright made me feel any better, you know … the one that ended in “Wright can return to baseball activity as tolerated.” Yeah, that sounds a lot like “I’ll be back out there tomorrow.” We know how that worked out. And you know why we’re schizophrenic.