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The Present Was Bright, Will the Future Be?

The best part about today’s split squad game on SNY was the scroll telling us that there would be sunspots and that they hoped to have a normal picture as soon as possible. This was at least five minutes before they had any difficulties with their picture at all. They knew exactly what was coming and warned us. If only they could have seen that Billy Taylor would stink ahead of time.

What nobody could see coming was how Johan Santana would do. And with the technical difficulties, very few people actually saw what he did. But the bottom line against the Cardinals is that he felt good, he got through two innings, and his arm is still attached. Whether he’ll feel good tomorrow is another story, but two innings is two innings … no matter that he had some control problems and could only hit 90 once or twice on a slow radar gun. You try looking like Tim Lincecum in your first game action since 2010.

Otherwise, Andres Torres went from first to third effortlessly on a path that Angel Pagan would have made through Duffy’s, then Torres hit a three-run triple to give the Mets some cushion against the Cardinals in what would be an 8-6 victory. Bad news: Jeurys Familia gave up a grand slam, and Pedro Beato left after throwing a warm-up pitch with very well might be the last pitch he throws during the Mayan calendar. So he left the game, D.J. Carrasco came in, and this caused Ron Darling to pine for the days of Elmer Dessens. Seriously … that actually happened! How far are we below sea level when Elmer #$&#!(% Dessens is a step up?