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The Sandy Circuit

Sandy Alderson is obviously making a run at being a standup comedian. First he told an inside joke about giving the director of merchandising credit for discovering Tim Tebow on Friday. Then he zinged Matt Harvey in true Don Rickles fashion:

Yeah, because it’s always funny to make fun of an employee for things that are in the past. By the way, spouses hate that. Don’t do it. Only difference is that spouses take oaths that have the express condition of “till death do us part.” Baseball players have contracts that expire before they flee for their lives. Matt Harvey will flee for his life. This joke won’t tip those scales, but it does make a grown man look petty. Or at least it would if we weren’t so sure that Alderson was just testing some new material in preparation for his HBO special to air in November: “Sandy Alderson: No Relief”.

Sandy will be at the Laugh Factory next Tuesday, Giggles Galore on Wednesday, and then will tape a guest appearance on Showtime’s “I’m Dying Up Here” over the weekend. If there’s a free day, he might try to acquire a baseball player for the Mets if he isn’t too busy studying Carlos Mencia’s old sets.