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The Sod Was Exceedingly Soft

The Mets must be concerned about my sleep patterns, because they’re making it a point out of the break to get games over with early so I can got a somewhat normal night’s sleep. The Mets smacked Tyler Chatwood around in the first inning and helped to knock him out of the game (although Chatwood’s injury was probably a more important factor) by way of a Jay Bruce three run dinger that landed near the diva apple in center field.

The Mets scored another run in the first, and then T.J. Rivera signled home a run in the fifth to make it 5-0. This is notable because I picked Rivera up for my fantasy team because every other second baseman in baseball is either injured or playing with a torn cerebellum or something. So I picked Rivera up and didn’t completely ruin his career. Maybe all of our luck is changing.

Lucas Duda brought home Rivera and another runner with a double to make it 7-0, and then Seth Lugo, who was solid while giving up three runs in six and 2/3’s (all late in the outing), hit his first major league home run into the M&M’s Party Deck. Then as per the unwritten rules of baseball, his teammates acted like dicks.

But then in the sixth, I realized that our luck isn’t changing at all. Because as Yoenis Cespedes dove for a looping liner, his knee dug into a Flushing sinkhole and all the sod came up causing Cespedes to have his dive interrupted and roll over. The Mets, out of concerns for Ray Ramirez’s safety, pulled Cespedes from the game with an 8-0 lead. Of course, this comes after Cespedes talking pre-game about how his legs felt better than they have in a long, long time.

“That All-Star break helped me a lot. It was really nice to be able to rest that many days,” Cespedes said through a translator Saturday. “I would say that if I’m not already at 100 percent, it’s really not much till I get there.”

Cespedes said he’s now able to play without the thought of leg injuries seeping into and cluttering his mind.

We now go live to heaven where Pete Flynn is throwing things at clouds.

Jose Reyes hit a late home run and continued his hot hitting overall (thanks to Reyes changing his bat to eliminate blisters, as reported by Kevin Burkhardt Steve Gelbs) to put the finishing touches on a 9-3 victory. Nobody was ready for Reyes’ surprising streak, which probably means that Amed Rosario should probably sign that lease for that Vegas apartment for the next year.

Today’s Hate List

  1. Anthony Rendon
  2. Matt Holliday
  3. Clay Bellinger
  4. Alex Bregman
  5. Odubel Herrera