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The Twins Are in the Entertainment Business

I really thought it was inevitable that the Mets would get Bartolo Colon back, especially now that Sandy Alderson has admitted that this is an entertainment business. But Colon has no interest in your entertainment. He wants to go to the playoffs and enjoy some Juicy Lucies. So he signed a minor league deal with the Minnesota Twins, and the closest he’ll get to New York is the Twins’ AAA affiliate in Rochester, NY. He will then go to Minnesota to try to keep his first major league team, the Cleveland Indians, out of the playoffs.

As for us Mets fans, we’ll have to find our entertainment elsewhere. Because, and be honest, that’s the only reason we wanted Colon back … nostalgia. His value to the Mets from a baseball standpoint would have been minimal. His value to you, the fan who loved watching him do goofy things, was much higher. It wouldn’t have done much harm to have him back, but in the grand scheme of things (and yes, there’s a grand scheme that’s grander than your memes) it wouldn’t have made much difference.

Let Bartolo chase his playoffs. Let our memories of Colon be just that: memories. It’s time for us to look forward, and stop looking back.