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They All Might Be Giants Someday

So not enough that Angel Pagan went to the Giants and lifted the World Series trophy while the two guys he was traded for came to New York and were slightly less useful than Tim Tebow at a pagan ritual (or in the Jets offense), but now one of those guys is headed back to the Giants to team up with Pagan and lift the trophy together.

Andres Torres has returned to the Giants to back up Pagan and give giants fans their two most favorite center fielders on one team. Torres seemed excited to get the hell out of New York return to San Francisco:

"I cannot stop laughing. It's such a great feeling."

"No disrespect to them, but I told my agents that I wanted to play for the Giants. My heart was there. The Giants were the team that gave me an opportunity."

Contrast that to Torres' reaction to coming here:

"I'm going to miss everybody there, but in this game you have to move forward. I'm happy that the Mets are giving me the opportunity."

Oh. So the Mets also gave you "the opportunity", but the Giants were the team that gave you the opportunity that you didn't skull[redacted] into oblivion. I see. Perhaps you should have clarified a little better. Love how different the tone is from quote to quote. Joining the Mets? "I have to move forward". Leaving the Mets? "I can't stop laughing I'm so f**king giddy."

But here's what I found interesting about Torres when I was checking out that article about his trade to the Mets:

Acknowledging that his hitting mechanics were flawed last season, Torres has been attempting to regain his stroke by working with former Rangers slugger Juan Gonzalez, the two-time American League Most Valuable Player.

Nice of Gonzalez to keep up his streak of screwing over the Mets every ten years. Wonder if Gonzalez has stopped laughing yet. 2022 should have something awesome in store.

Oh, and Manny Acosta is also a Giant. Unfortunately, Mets batters aren't going to get to face him unless Lucas Duda gets traded to the Hiroshima Carp (which I'm still hoping has a chance), as Acosta is a Yomiuri Giant. Japan is a major exporter of transportation equipment and motor vehicles to the United States, and the best we can do to repay them is Manny Acosta. No wonder everybody hates us.