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This Ballpark’s On Fiiiirrrreeeeeeee! (And So Is This Pitcher)

Big announcement from your New York Mets today:

"There was a fire earlier this morning in an office in the administration building at Citi Field. Sprinkler systems contained the fire before FDNY extinguished it. Damage was limited to this area of the administration building. There was no damage to any areas accessed by fans at Citi Field. The cause of the fire is being investigated and we will have no further comment."

Sooooooooo … somebody heard that it was going to snow at the Mets games and dip to nine degrees … so they started a fire to keep warm? Or are the financial problems so deep that they can't afford a cross-cut shredder and have resorted to destroying documents by setting fire to things in the sink?

Oh yeah, and Matt Harvey is your National League Player of the Week. Don't expect a Met to repeat that this week since all of their games will be snowed out. Jay Horwitz reports that the Mets will play eight games in one day in July. MLB will allow a waiver to allow the Mets to carry 100 pitchers on their roster that day, including Elmer Dessens, Victor Zambrano, Chan Ho Park, and Alay Soler.