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This Might Explain Things

Things were going nicely … despite a cannon of a throw by Yasiel Puig, the Mets had a 4-2 lead thanks in large part to Marlon Byrd's 100th career home run, a 3 run shot on a 3-0 pitch from Chris Capuano. Then SNY decided to show Orel Hershisher strike out Howard Johnson in Game 7 of the '88 NLCS … on my 18th birthday … like they do every year when the Mets visit Dodger Stadium. This marks the 25th anniversary of that monstrosity, so maybe they'll retire that video once and for all. Unfortunately in its place, they'll show LaTroy Hawkins getting hit in the nuts with a comebacker, then they'll show Mets fans getting hit in the nuts when the next batter, pinch hitter Andre Ethier, took a compromised Hawkins deep to tie the game, a game in which the Dodgers won in 12 innings 5-4 on an Adrian Gonzalez base hit.

The Mets recent run of success started when Carlos Marmol had a 3-0 lead as a Cub and couldn't get anybody out. So wouldn't it be fitting if this was how it ended: Marmol as a Dodger pitching two innings while only giving up one hit. Circle of Death. Western Civilization is safe. And we know who God is rooting for. (Hint: Not the Mets.)