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This One Made Me Sick (Literally)

All right, so true story: I saw Dillon Gee give up seven runs in three innings, including three dingers in the third inning (not to mention an RBI single to Cliff Freakin' Lee in the second) to propel the Phillies to an 8-3 victory. Soon after I saw the seven runs, I threw up. And that's not my normal "uhhhh this game made me sick" metaphor. No. It was 7-2 Phillies, and I actually threw up. Coincidence?

Well medically, yes. It was a coincidence. But the fact remains, I saw Dillon Gee pitch, and then soon after that I threw up. There had to be some sort of correlation between the two. It's like when Johan Santana either hurt his shoulder overcompensating for the bum ankle he suffered, or throwing an angry bullpen session in March. But everybody wants to point to 136 pitches on June 1st. So I'll take the same liberty and tell you that Dillon Gee, though indirectly, caused me to puke.

On another note completely, and as much as Kevin Burkhardt's interview with Matt Harvey was well done, insightful, and a needed distraction from the game at that point, you do realize that the pre-game show is an hour, right? Plenty of time for a five minute interview with last night's star. Yet this had to happen during the fourth inning tonight? And it isn't like they just decided to interview Harvey because the game sucked, they hyped this interview before the game started. So as good as the interview might have been, half the people watching took nothing away from it because they're too busy wondering why Lucas Duda was replaced by Jordany Valdespin on a double switch. Of course we found out later that the double switch was necessary for Valdespin to piss off the city of Philadelphia.

And that segues into the best part of Tuesday night:



Okay first off, worst outfield? Umm, you have seen Juan Pierre play, right Kevin?

Second, and to be fair, Cooney did acknowledge that it was also wrong when Shane Victorino was being a douchenuts for this entire 7+ years in Philadelphia. Whether he was so adamant about events like Victorino standing on home plate and clapping towards the Mets dugout when it happened is up for debate. But the bottom line is when anybody in Philadelphia is irked by something ridiculously harmless like Jordany Valdespin clapping after a triple, it makes me smile. It's nice to know that after all of their success against the Mets between 2007-last night and after an 8-3 trouncing on Tuesday that the Mets can still get into the heads of the city of Philadelphia. So good for you, Jordany.