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Vic Black Hates The Reds For No Good Reason But That’s Okay

Vic Black was the closer Tuesday night against the Reds, and he probably should have been the closer for the last two weeks. (But hey, I guess we need to see what players like LaTroy Hawkins and Mike Baxter can do instead of young prospects … but that's another blog for another time.) But after Black closed out Tuesday's Mets victory which hurt the Reds' chances of winning the division, he had something interesting to say:

"We never liked the Reds anyway. This was just watering that flower of hatred."

Am I the right person to figure out why Vic "The Flower of Hatred" Black's family … from Amarillo, TX … hated the Reds and instilled that hate into their 95 mph fastball having son. But hey, people still can't figure out why I hate Donne Wall, so I say bless Vic Black and his family. I can't wait until Mike Francesa tries to explain why Black fired up the Reds and was the reason they won the pennant.

While Black is on the right track with his hatred of red, there's another shade of red we prefer to hate around here. But for now … good start. With the revelation that Bobby Parnell has lost 30 pounds and that the herniated disc in his neck might be more than just your garden variety Mets injury, The Flower of Hatred might be your closer next season (which is why he should be closing the rest of the season regardless of Hawkins' status.) So let the seeds of hatred grow.