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Vote Kirk Nieuwenhuis

MLB All Star balloting started today. And I'll get right to the point: I voted 35 times for Kirk Nieuwenhuis today. I believe you should too. Here's why:

If you're a Met fan, you should still be seething over the fact that David Wright didn't start the All-Star game last season even though he was clearly the most deserving statistically. Not to mention that even though it wasn't a voting issue, you should still be seething that R.A. Dickey, while clearly the most deserving pitcher to start the game, was denied that opportunity because f*cking Tony LaRussa lives in San Francisco and goes to Giants games. To me, if that's the way they want to play it, fine. What better way to get revenge on the whole system than to exploit it the same way Giants fans did to their advantage last season? And to vote in a guy that's currently in the minor leagues? If that doesn't teach people to vote with some modicum of common sense then nothing will.

If you're not a Met fan, you should still vote for Nieuwenhuis. Why? What better way to expose the all-star voting system for the sham that it is, and for that matter, what better way to expose the sham of having the league which wins the All-Star game host the World Series? To hear baseball pundits whine and cry over the National League losing the All-Star game because Kirk Nieuwenhuis played two innings? That would make me laugh. It should make you laugh too.

So I'm voting for Nieuwenhuis. 35 times a day, every day, until this is over. (I was going to vote for Scott Hairston, but he's off the team, and then I was going to vote for Collin Cowgill, but to vote for a guy who's on the ballot even though he's in the minors is a sham on to itself.) If I can get the majority of you to vote with me, then at least we can make some noise and cause some sort of revolution. So all you baseball fans who are sick of this All-Star stupidity and want change, join me. We may not be able to make a difference, but at least we'll have a few laughs along the way.