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Weekend At Bournie’s

It's a Friday night, and I'm in front of the computer thinking about Michael Bourn. What's wrong with me? Don't spend too much time thinking about that. And don't spend too much time thinking about Bourn in a Mets uniform. For I have two more observations on the future disappointment known as "Michael Bourn to the Mets Rumors":

You would think that with Selig and the Wilpons all buddy buddy, or at least buddy buddy enough to keep the family in power, that it would mean that the Mets would get the benefit of the doubt on a ruling on the 11th draft pick. But you should know better. You should know that's not the way it works, especially when Selig is probably thinking that he's done the Mets enough favors.

Also, have we already forgotten the conversation we started two years ago about whether Jose Reyes was a Sandy Alderson type of player … and whether Alderson would plunk down millions of dollars for a guy who depends on his legs to make a living? How did that work out? Reyes had a .384 OBP in the only season he had to impress Alderson, and Sandy still acted like Reyes was he was the ground beef in the fridge that was five minutes past the "sell by" date when it came time to negotiate.

But he'll give that money to Michael Bourn? The guy who struck out five less times in 2012 than Reyes did in the last three years combined? Despite the fact that the Mets really, really need outfielders, it doesn't make sense. And it doesn't fit in with everything else that Sandy was brought here to do. So unless Scott Boras is running a discount sale on players that are past the "sell by" date, Bourn is going somewhere else.