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When the Disabled List is the Best Case Scenario

As a human, Dillon Gee is recovering from a blood clot in his throwing shoulder. I’m pleased that the Mets medical staff caught this quickly and that Dillon can recover from this because blood clots are as scary as it gets. I’m not a doctor, but this is as close to a relevant case that I could find on the internet (granted, I haven’t looked too long.) 

As a pitcher, Dillon is coming off his best start and depending on how long he’s out, this has the potential of costing the Mets a pennant run. The recently returned Miguel Batista, Jeremy Hefner, and yes Matt Harvey would be our candidates to fill in the blank (Chris Schwinden is off the 40 man roster, so he’s not an option, and might not have been anyway). As much as I don’t want prospects to be rushed to the bigs, Harvey might be the play here. What intrigues me about him is that his numbers against left handed hitters compare very well to his numbers against righties. If Gee is going to be out for a while, Harvey might be the best option.

What is definitely the best option is Gee getting healthy soon. Considering the alternatives for Gee, a trip to the 15 day DL is welcome news.