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Would Ya?

So we’ve said all along that the haul for R.A. Dickey would have to be monstrous for the Mets to think about trading him … or so we would hope. Enter the Kansas City Royals, who are repotedly dangling what could be that monstrous package that could entice the Mets to do it:

In their search for a top-of-the-rotation starter, the Royals have dangled outfielder Wil Myers, the consensus 2012 minor league player of the year, two sources told Yahoo! Sports. (…) The Royals’ payroll commitments are around $69 million, leaving them two options to stay within their expected payroll around $73 million: They can pursue a young starter with a cheap contract but not as much experience as the Royals want; or deal for a veteran with a higher salary whose cost would cause them to deal a veteran, such as Bruce Chen or Luke Hochevar, the underachieving starter who also would be a non-tender candidate.

In private conversations I’ve overheard (albeit between the voices in my head), R.A. Dickey would have to bring back another Zack Wheeler. Wil Myers could be that hitting version of Wheeler. Now I wouldn’t think the Royals would deal their best prospect for a 38-year-old knuckleballer, even if he is the Cy Young award winner. Heck, they’d be crazy to do it. But their intention is obviously to get a frontline starter for him. And … this is the Royals we’re talking about. And while they can’t match the Mets in the metric of hilarity per square foot, they do have Jeff Francoeur. So it can’t hurt to ask Dayton Moore what he’s thinking about. And if they really are foolish enough to think that they can contend next season, and if cheap pitching is what they crave, well …

Would ya?

Better yet: Would they?