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You Might Like Lucas Duda When He’s Angry


True story: When I was a young baseball fan I asked my father: "Dad, if it takes strength to hit home runs, why doesn't Lou Ferrigno play baseball?" So when somebody tells you that a guy is second behind Giancarlo Stanton in size and strength (which is a shrewd troll move by Terry Collins which only serves to make the fan base salivate unnecessarily), remember that Lou Ferrigno couldn't play baseball.

But look, I'm giving up complaining about Lucas Duda for lent. And I actually have a notion that while he isn't going to be the player that Terry Collins unintentionally misled the fan base that he would be, I think he'll improve just enough to not annoy me to the point of where I'm itching all the time up and down my back in spots where I can't reach … the spots where the only way to get relief is to rub my back on a subway pole and have people look at me like I'm a feral cat.

In short, I think that Lucas Duda might hit a double every once in a while this season.