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Source In New York Mets’ Organization Takes Shots At Yankees Over Failed Deals

The New York Mets’ decision to trade Jay Bruce to the Cleveland Indians for a low level prospect and salary relief drew a ton of criticism from their fans who felt the front office was cheaping out. Despite saying they were willing to pay some salary on their veteran players in order to boost the prospect return in deals, the Mets have absorbed no money in trades, instead ending up with six relief pitching prospects and about 11 million dollars in savings for their three best assets. It appears that criticism has rankled some members of the Mets’ front office, as Mike Puma of the New York Post tweeted some interesting insights from a source. Here are some of these tweets.

Puma also elaborated on the fact that the Mets and Yankees had a deal for Neil Walker on July 31st that the Yankees backed up.

It’s clear that some of the front office is fed up with the Yankees, who probably leaked the details of their Bruce offer as payback for not getting the outfielder. The Yankees are also probably frustrated that the Mets have made three trades to bolster several of their rivals in the playoff race, but there is clearly a lot of bad blood between the two franchises. Puma’s source griped that the Yankees never offer the Mets any real value in deals and that the Yankees weren’t quick to answer calls when the team’s fortunes were reversed last season.

Even though General Manager Sandy Alderson has indicated he is open to dealing with the Yankees, and nearly completed a deal with them for Walker at the deadline, there are clearly forces at a higher level that discourage trades between the two New York franchises. The Mets and Yankees haven’t completed a player for player swap since 2004, and their only trade since then was a deal in 2011 to send a low level reliever to the Yankees for cash considerations. Whether you want to say it is an inferiority complex from the Mets’ front office, which clearly has a hold up about watching their former players succeed in the Bronx, or bitterness from both sides it appears unlikely these two teams will make a deal anytime soon.


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