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Introducing The MMA Manifesto’s Reader Rewards Program

We love our loyal readers here at The MMA Manifesto, so it’s about time we reward you for your loyalty.  So today we introduce to you The MMA Manifesto’s Reader Rewards Program!  Every month we’ll be holding a draw for a free UFC Fight Pass subscription, and all you have to do is sign up (if we gets lots of people signing up and earning ballots, we’ll increase and/or change the prize(s) we give away)!  Every reader in the Reader Rewards Program will earn one ballot for the monthly draw.  To increase your chances of winning, there are other ways to earn extra ballots:


Sign up for Reader Rewards: 1 ballot
Enter Pick ‘Em Contest: 1 ballot
Refer New Player to Pick ‘Em Contest: 2 ballots
Follow MMA Manifesto on Twitter, Facebook &/or Google +: 1 ballot for each site subscribed to
Share/Like/Retweet a MMA Manifesto article on a social media site: 1 ballot
Share a MMA Manifesto article on a message board (Reddit, MMA board somewhere, etc.) – please send link to us so we see it: 2 ballots
Subscribe to The MMA Manifesto’s Daily Dose e-mail newsletter: 1 ballot
Get a 5-star rating on the Daily Dose mailing list (acquired by opening e-mails & clicking on article links): 2 ballots


Pretty simple – we’ll track it all for you (other than message boards – you’ll have to send us a link (foxyjj@sympatico.ca) any time you do that so we can give you the credit).  So hurry up and sign up below and get winning!