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Michael Bisping Scouting Report

michael bisping scouting report

Michael Bisping Scouting Report


6’2″ 185 lbs (Middleweight)
76″ reach, Orthodox
February 28, 1979


30-9 (UFC: 20-9)

Current Streak

2 straight losses


Brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Championships Held

Cage Rage Light Heavyweight Champion: 2004, 2005 (four successful title defenses total)
The Ultimate Fighter 3 winner
UFC Middleweight Champion: 2016-2017 (two title defenses)



– very experienced
– hard to finish – only been finished four times in his career
– great cardio
– very good kickboxer
– very active striker
– very dangerous clinch striker
– elite striking defense – among the best in UFC history
– dishes out far more than he receives
– finishes fights
– great footwork
– great at passing guard
– stays in fights & keeps coming
– can get inside an opponent’s head due to his trash talking



– has lost most times he has faced a “step up” in competition
– getting old (for a fighter)
– inaccurate striker
– mediocre in takedowns & takedown defense
– his trash talking can also work against him by motivating opponent
– no “one punch” knockout power – more of a volume striker
– can get sloppy with his striking defense (lifts chin, circles to opponent’s power hand)
– has had a serious eye injury which has caused him vision problems
– been brutalized in his past two fights



The Count became a UFC champion 36 fights into his career.  What a bizarre ride it has been.