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The Interrogation of Marius Zaromskis

The Interrogation is a regular feature where The MMA Manifesto interrogates some of the world’s best MMA fighters.  Next up is DREAM welterweight champion Marius Zaromskis who discusses his upcoming North American debut versus Nick Diaz for the vacant Strikeforce welterweight belt.

MMA Manifesto: Was last year your best year of your career so far (he went 4-0 and won DREAM’s welterweight title)?

Marius Zaromskis: Yeah, last year was very fine for me.

MM: You won a lot of fights (three) with head kicks all of the sudden – where did that come from?

MZ: Always I’m looking for high kick but sometimes happens, sometimes not.  I’m very happy to finish a fight with a high kick.

MM: Is that your favourite way to win?

MZ: Yeah, but sometimes (it’s) difficult because if opponent waiting for high kick it’s very difficult to land it.  If he’s not waiting, it’s much easier.

MM: Are you excited to be making your North American debut this coming Saturday?

MZ: Yeah, very exciting.

MM: Why did you choose to sign with Strikeforce?

MZ: Actually my manager he’s doing all that stuff.  He tells me to go to Strikeforce, I go.

MM: Are you still going to fight in DREAM also?

MZ: Yes.

MM: What are your thoughts on your upcoming opponent, Nick Diaz?

MZ: It’s going to be a good fight because he’s a strong guy.  It will be a nice fight – nice and hard fight.  Also it’s more difficult for me because he’s tall and have long arms.  (I’ll have to) Try to find my space.

MM: Do you think he will be your toughest opponent yet?

MZ: I think he’s very similar (to) Seichi Ikemoto which I fought in Japan.  But you never know with fights.  You never know what’s happen in a fight.  It can be 25 minutes.  It can be one round or it can be five rounds, you never know.

MM: What is your game plan going into this fight to ensure that you win?

MZ: Just striking. Striking. Striking.  Punching and kicking.

MM: Is there any other fighters that you have your eye on that you want to fight?

MZ: It’s a lot of good fighters and who comes, comes.  I never mind – I will fight.

MM: What is your ultimate goal in the sport of MMA?

MZ: Just to be a good fighter, that’s it.

MM: Do you want to fight in the UFC one day?

MZ: Not now – maybe in the future but I’m not thinking about that.  My manager – they doing job and I’m just fighting.  If he tells go to the UFC tomorrow, yeah I’ll go.

MM: When is your next fight in DREAM?

MZ: (I) Still don’t know exactly (the) date.

MM: Speaking of DREAM, what are your thoughts on Shinya Aoki’s actions on New Years Eve?

MZ: Very surprised because before he’s never did that.  I don’t know, very interesting because one day he’s fine, the next day he show finger.  One day big respect, one day no respect.  Very surprised.  I don’t know why he did that.  I don’t know what wrong in his head.

MM: Who are your favourite fighters to watch?

MZ: There’s a couple of fighters.  For example, I like (Gegard) Mousasi, (Fedor) Emelianenko, Anderson Silva – a lot of good fighters.  I have respect for them.

MM: Do you pattern your fighting style after anyone?

MZ: All the time, I’m watching all of them.  For example, Mirko Cro Cop I like his kick.


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