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Discussion: Is the ALDS Victory Good Enough?

The Angels finally did it.  They took down their arch-nemesis the Boston Red Sox.  Nothing could feel more satisfying right now.  But the question must be asked, might we all be too satisfied with finally getting over on Boston?

The ultimate goal to any season is to win a title, but how would you, the fan, feel about the Angel season ended without a World Series ring but with this big victory over the Red Sox?:

A) Winning the ALDS is progress over the last few years.  I still want a title, but I won’t be upset if this is as far as the Halos get.

B) The ALDS is nice and all, but I want more.  The season won’t be considered a failure if they lose the ALCS but it won’t be a success either.

C) Who cares about the ALDS?  It is a World Series ring or bust!!!

SECRET OPTION D) Nothing else matters other than we made the Red Sox cry!  My post-traumatic stress disorder flashbacks of the last two years have finally stopped.  I’m good.

Angels celebrate at Fenway

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