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Halo Headlines – 5/12/09
  • Steve Bisheff wonders if the Angels’ bizarre lack of interest in Manny Ramirez this summer is because they knew something was up with him and PEDs.  Considering that there have been other players signed by the Angels who have been under a cloud of PED suspicion, I think Bisheff’s little conspiracy theory doesn’t hold water.  The real issue was probably that Manny was represented by Scott Boras who managed to piss off Arte Moreno during the Teixeira negotiations.
  • Some people aren’t liking what they are seeing in terms of the Angels new emphasis on plate discipline.  What do you really expect?  Plate discipline isn’t something that you just turn on and off, guys aren’t just going to start mimicking Bobby Abreu overnight, especially when the franchise has been focusing on an aggressive approach at the plate the last several years.  Let’s see how all the numbers look at the end of the season rather than 30 games in.
  • PUFF PIECE ALERT: The Angels are touting their bullpen again after a week of solid performances.  Are they trying to jinx it?