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Halo Headlines: Josh Hamilton out 6-8 weeks, J.B. Shuck called up

The April 10th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Josh Hamilton out 6-8 weeks, J.B. Shuck called up and much more…

The Story: Josh Hamilton will have thumb surgery and miss six-to-eight weeks of action.
The Monkey Says: So much for that hot start. Josh now figures to be out until early June, leaving a big hole behind Pujols in the lineup.

The Story: J.B. Shuck was called up to take Hamilton’s spot on the roster.
The Monkey Says: Argh! Shuck is not only back, but he is probably going to play a lot. I suspect he will platoon with Collin Cowgill, but Scioscia may very well right Shuck if he gets hot. I’m super excited.

The Story: Josh Hamilton was not happy about the overturned replay call in Tuesday night’s game.
The Monkey Says: This “transfer” rule is something that could get a lot of play now that we have replay. It would not be a surprise to see it get addressed at some point.

The Story: Can Albert Pujols break the all-time home run record to save us from the Bonds-Aaron home run king debate.
The Monkey Says: I seriously doubt he can stay healthy enough to pull it off. Also, Bonds is the king. The homers were hit. Lots of people saw them.

The Story: The decline of Albert Pujols is stunning.
The Monkey Says: See? He isn’t breaking the record. However, I am a bit surprised that Cameron didn’t mention that 2013 was a bit of an outlier since Pujols was very clearly playing hurt. The larger point about his quickly eroding plate discipline remains valid though.

The Story: Jered Weaver keeps Nick Adenhart in his thoughts.
The Monkey Says: RIP, Nick, Courtney and Henry. Rot in hell, Andrew Gallo.

The Story: The Arkansas Travelers endured the road trip from hell.
The Monkey Says: It turns out that the quality of life for minor leaguers may not be the best.