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Halo Headlines: PECOTA projects Angels make the playoffs, Halos have fourth-ranked offense

The February 5th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including PECOTA projects Angels make the playoffs, Halos have fourth-ranked offense and much more…

The Story: The 2014 PECOTA projections have been released.

The Monkey Says: I spent my whole day pouring through this yesterday. The key takeaways is that PECOTA has the Angels just missing out on the AL West title, but winning a Wild Card spot thanks to them having the second-best offense in the AL. Modest bouncebacks from David Freese, Albert Pujols and Josh Hamilton will be a big part of that. The pitching will still be a problem though as the projections for Garrett Richards and Hector Santiago are pretty scary. Tyler Skaggs should be average though.

The Story: The Angels have the fourth-ranked offense entering the season.

The Monkey Says: These are totally subjective, but combine this with the PECOTA projections and it is clear that the Halos will be a disappointment if their lineup isn't more productive than last season.

The Story: A prospect profile of Michael Snyder.

The Monkey Says: He's a longshot prospect, but if he makes it, he has tantalizing power potential.