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Halo Headlines: Sean Burnett throws off of a mound, Hamilton inching towards a return

The March 11th, 2014 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels including Sean Burnett throws off of a mound, Hamilton inching towards a return and much more…

The Story: Sean Burnett threw from a mound for the first time… sort of.

The Monkey Says: This was a funny story development arc. First it was that he threw a bullpen session. Then it was just that he threw from a mound. Then it was that he basically had a light catch near a mound. Whatever. It's progress.

The Story: Josh Hamilton is now doing agility drills.

The Monkey Says: More progress. He could return to action on Thursday.

The Story: Michael Roth, Jarrett Grube, Mike Morin, Mark Sappington and Justin Thomas have been sent to minor league camp.

The Monkey Says: The herd begins to thin. None of these guys were ever in serious contention for the Opening Day roster.

The Story: Is Josh Hamilton going to rebound in 2014?

The Monkey Says: The answer: maybe. I don't buy that he was nursing an injury in secret though. He copped to a few minor injuries during th season, so he had plenty of opportunities to play that card and declined to do so, despite having a history of hiding behind injuries.

The Story: A first version of a mock draft for the 2014 Amateur Draft.

The Monkey Says: I am in no way qualified to forecast the draft, but I have a feeling the Angels will target pitching with their first pick since that is the most dire need in their system.