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Halo Headlines: wondering how much money Weaver left on the table, Angels opt-out of StubHub agreement

The December 11th, 2012 edition of daily news for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim including wondering how much money Weaver left on the table, Angels opt-out of StubHub agreement and much more…

The Story: How much money did Jered Weaver leave on the table by signing his extension.

The Monkey Says: It is an interesting question because Weaver would have likely supressed Greinke's price too since there would have been two marquee starters on the market this off-season.  I imagine he would have gotten pretty close to what Greinke got this off-season, though his back problems would have likely cost him some money.

The Story: The Angels have opted-out of the MLB agreement with StubHub.

The Monkey Says: In al likelihood, the Halos are going to follow the Yankees' lead and find a broker that favors the season ticket holders, which is great news for them (and probably the team as it should encourage season ticket sales) but bad news for those of you who liked being able to buy single game tickets on the secondary market.

The Story: Will the Angels' roster building strategy pay off in 2013?

The Monkey Says: I'd still like to see them maybe add Shaun Marcum and kick Garrett Richards to the bullpen, but I think I am slowly coming around to appreciating what Dipoto has done this winter.