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Multiple Choice Monday: Who Was the Angel of the Month for April?

With the month of April now officially in the books for the AL West-leading Angels, it is time to look back and give credit where credit is due by selecting the team’s player of the month.  To make that decision, I turn the voting over to you, the reader.

Jered Weaver wins

Time to vote!

  1. Jered Weaver: Six wins in six starts with a 0.99 ERA and once again leads the American League in strikeouts.
  2. Dan Haren: Trails only Weaver in ERA in AL, but leads the AL in WHIP and gets bonus points for manning up to pitch and win a game in relief.
  3. Howie Kendrick: Leads the Angels in OPS, homers and runs scored while walking 13 times in the month (his career-high for a season is 28).
  4. Peter Bourjos: It turns out he can hit, and pretty well too.  Second on the Angels in OPS and plays sparkingling outfield defense to bolster the pitching performance of the staff’s flyball-heavy starters.
  5. Vernon Wells: Just checking to see if you are paying attention.

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