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Top Ten Thursday: Nicknames for the Angel Lineup

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired of trying to think of new and different ways to describe the general ineptitude of the Angel offense.  I am literally running out of adjectives.  But rather than endlessly thumb through a thesaurus, I’ve got a better idea: let’s come up with a nickname for this lousy lineup that encapsulates their awfulness.  That way, we can just use that all the time and save a lot of trouble.

Hello My Name Is

  1. Scioscia’s Slappies
  2. The Red LOB-sters
  3. The Lineup That Situational Hitting Forgot
  4. Shutout Waiting to Happen
  5. The Neverending 0-2 Count
  6. Torii and the GIDPs
  7. Hatcher’s Hacks
  8. The Young and the Powerless
  9. Reagins’ Folly
  10. The Best Lineup That Money Couldn’t Buy