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VIDEO: Idiot KC fan runs on field, steals rosin bag, earns tweet response from Angel reliever

Last night's Angels-Royals game was an eventful one between tape measure home runs, copious pitching changes and a narrowly avoided blown save. Still, the Angels managed to win their fifth game in a row, yet that is not the highlight of the game. That distinction goes to the insane and/or brave Royals fan who sprinted on the field and avoided security long enough that he not only got on camera but actually stole the rosin bag right off the mound and hoisted it like a trophy for all to see:


Not to glorify his juvenile and illegal behavior, but this might be the greatest idiot running field on the moment I've ever seen. I'd be lying if I didn't admit to enjoying it more than I probably should've. But you know who didn't enjoy it, the reliever on the mound at the time, Michael Kohn. In fact, Kohn took to social media to voice his displeasure.


The moment may have been fun, but Kohn is right. You never, EVER touch another man's rosin bag.