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NBA memes of the week

Some might find this extremely hard to believe, but LeBron James continues to dominate the world of NBA memes as the month of March nears its conclusion.

Folks know the drill. A certain line of thought suggests James might leave the Cleveland Cavaliers this summer. He did the whole unfollowing the team on Twitter thing, joked around with his buddies on the Miami Heat during a loss and even told the media he’d take a pay cut to play with guys like Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul. He’s in so deep with the odd behavior the team had to take him aside and give him a stern talking to.

Meme land has gone wild. Instagram user nba_memes_24 wanted to know what was up with James’ odd activity on social media:

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As for the whole team-up-with-superstars thing, NBA Memes on Twitter offered a slight alteration of the situation:

Of course, some went as far as to suggest James is really just angling to team up with the White Mamba:

Either way, James needs to worry about how the Cavaliers perform right now. Believe it or not, the team that has already chewed through one head coach and isn’t improving doesn’t exactly have a firm grip on the top slot in the Eastern Conference thanks to the Toronto Raptors:

Speaking of the East, a new serious playoff threat has emerged.

Strange as it sounds, it’s the Jeremy Lin-led Charlotte Hornets, just as everyone predicted. The team is on absolute fire, even besting the San Antonio Spurs, meaning it was just a matter of time before the memes started popping up:

Out West it’s not all good news, either. Thanks to some hard detective work, the globe has seemed to finally figure out why the Los Angeles Lakers hired Byron Scott:

In other important news, the New Orleans Pelicans announced centerpiece Anthony Davis, known to some as The Brow, will miss the rest of the season.

The reactions were as dramatic as expected:

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Even the Golden State Warriors don’t have much in the way of positive memes going this week. Thank the Spurs, who even after the loss to Charlotte continue to hang around and provide a serious threat:

Then again, the Warriors have this guy leading the charge:

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Rest assured the races at the top of each conference will provide plenty in the way of epic memes in the coming weeks.

So too will the epic saga of James attempting to lure Brian Scalabrine to Cleveland.

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