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NBA memes of the week

The Golden State Warriors once again command the headlines. Imagine, though, for just a moment, that Stephen Curry and the Association’s most dominant team took an L at the hands of old man Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers.

Actually, don’t imagine it because it happened. The result on the meme landscape? Glorious.

The massive upset went down Sunday, when the 14-win Lakers got 25 points from Jordan Clarkson in the 112-95 beatdown. The odd stumble for the Warriors brought up plenty of questions, including the most important of all, posted by nba_trollicious on Instagram:

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Of all the teams who could potentially stop the Warriors, who may or may not go for the Chicago Bulls’ win record this year, the Lakers didn’t rank very high on the list. One team that does? LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. According to NBA Memes, James phoned Bryant seeking advice:

While on the topic of Kobe and LeBron, it’s only right folks bring up comparisons.

So let’s compare. Kobe averages 16.9 points per game this year on 36 percent shooting. LeBron’s at 24.9 and 50 percent. The 24.9 is LeBron’s lowest average since his rookie season. Which begs the question:

Actually, let the memes tell it, and it’s not that hard to figure out. One of the Association’s most notable refs, Joey Crawford, just decided to hang up the sneakers. Predictable, LeBron’s reaction was:

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Crawford wasn’t the only bit of major news this week, though.

No, Vince Carter (remember him?) shook the planet to its core while announcing he could still dunk:

An important development, and the memes flowed:

Though what is a week of news and memes without the New York Knicks? Carmelo Anthony and Co. aren’t doing much of anything on the court, but forward Derrick Williams made some headway with his ridiculous haircut:

And what better way to end the week than with those Warriors?

Curry and Co. didn’t have any further problems after the loss to the Lakers, of course. No, the Warriors got right back to winning and Andrew Bogut threw the meme equivalent of a going away party for the week by celebrating a Curry shot early (and forsaking, as usual, playing to get a rebound):

Maybe Michael Jordan will want to get on board by drafting a congratulatory speech—Curry and the Warriors are on the march toward one of his records.

Until next week, may light guide the days ahead like Williams’ hair through the night sky.

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