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TLM Podcast: NBA Regular Season Over/Unders

Ilia Shatashvili, Joshua Cornelissen and myself chatted NBA over/unders earlier this week. We used the odds provided by Westgate Las Vegas (as of Sep. 23, or post-Melo trade), and we avoided speaking about teams that we’re all projecting to make the playoffs (except Portland, Charlotte and Miami – apparently we couldn’t help ourselves). Let us know how wrong we are about everything – and if you love the music, give Sound Attic Studios a like/follow on Facebook.



Introduction, Chicago Bulls (1:30), Atlanta Hawks (4:10), Brooklyn Nets (7:20), Sacramento Kings (13:50), Phoenix Suns (17:30), New York Knicks (21:35), Indiana Pacers 25:13), Orlando Magic (33:03), Los Angeles Lakers (38:15), Dallas Mavericks (43:00), Memphis Grizzlies (47:13), Detroit Pistons (52:30), New Orleans Pelicans (59:10), Utah Jazz (68:00), Philadelphia 76ers (76:00), Charlotte Hornets and Miami Heat (84:00), Portland Trail Blazers (87:30), Los Angeles Clippers (90:30), Minnesota Timberwolves (95:35), Final Countdown (104:15)

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