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Top NBA-Related Apps on Google Play

The world of sports has gone online and it has also gone mobile. No wonder that modern kids choose watching sports on any kind of device instead of playing it themselves (or have mixed feelings about sports in general, as described here: https://scoobydomyessay.com/blog/playing-sports-school).

Today, you don’t need to get tickets or wait for the game broadcast to enjoy watching your favorite sports. It’s all available on your desktop, tablet computer, or even your smartphone. In this article, we’ll take a look at Android apps that will let you keep track of NBA games no matter where you are, immerse into the NBA atmosphere by playing basketball on your phone, and do other NBA-related things.


The official source of highlights, scores, and stats, maintained by the National Basketball Association. Here you will find news and videos of your favorite players, previews, overviews, daily updates, replays of games (downloadable for offline viewing), archives of the best videos, and live streams.

Cost: FREE

Rating: 4

NBA LIVE Mobile Basketball

The game allows you to build your own team, fight your opponents, improve reputation, and upgrade individual players. What’s even better the app lets you connect to live events and offers daily challenges for unlimited entertainment.

Cost: FREE

Rating: 4

NBA General Manager 2018 – Basketball manager game

The game allows you to build your dream team by signing new awesome players – forwards, centers, and guards. The game has 3 modes: head to head, tournaments, and league games. Define the strategy and lead your carefully built team right up to the top. It’s an officially licensed NBA game that establishes true connections between the value and performance of players.

Cost: FREE

Rating: 4

NBA Flip 2017 – Real basketball champion league

Another game holding an official license from the National Basketball Association. This one is a card game that allows you to define your game strategy, align your roster, and flip your rivals in 1-on-1 and multiplayer tournaments.

Cost: FREE

Rating: 4


An app that allows you to stay in touch with NBA 2K18 (basketball simulation video game) on PS4 and Xbox. It includes a multitude of features, including facial scanning (inserting your image in the game), virtual currency earnings, in-app shopping for console items, streaming 2KTV, various game modes, daily challenges, in-app rewards, and a collectible theme card game.

Cost: FREE

Rating: 3.5

Draw NBA Basketball

A creative app for those who’re into drawing – drawing NBA players, in particular. It offers easy lessons on how to draw faces of the most prominent players across different teams. Simple, easy to follow, and immensely enjoyable. If you don’t want to play or strategize, but love basketball nonetheless, then this app is a great fit.

Cost: FREE

Rating: 4.3

Basketball Quiz

How well do you know your basketball? That is, how easily can you guess the logos of the teams, arenas, cities, and individual players? This trivia app makes you answer basketball-related questions with hints and prompts available. Earn coins as you go and spend them on more hints to solve more difficult questions. 48 levels are included for almost unlimited fun.

Cost: FREE

Rating: 4.4

These are just the top of the iceberg, of course, and there are multiple other apps available to keep you posted on NBA news and provide you with other kinds of NBA-related entertainment.

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