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Bracket Projection Update: February 20

After another busy weekend of college hoops the Tournament Bubble ha’s begun to shrink. I comfortably cut 10 teams out of the bubble picture this week, leaving 27 teams battling over the last 10 spots in the field. At the top, I debated the last #1 seed for a while and ultimately decided to move North Carolina to the top line, replacing Baylor. Purdue replaced Virginia on the 4-seed line this week. We are about a week away from the first Conference Tournaments starting, so bubble teams are running out of time to state their case for the Field of 68.

East Region

1. Villanova vs 16. NC Central/Mt St Mary’s
8. Northwestern vs 9. Iowa St

4. West Virginia vs 13. UNC-Asheville
5. Virginia vs 12. UNC-Wilmington

3. UCLA vs 14. Vermont
6. Minnesota vs 11. Middle Tennessee

2. Louisville vs 15. Belmont
7. South Carolina vs 10. Marquette

Midwest Region

1. Kansas vs 16. Texas Southern
8. St Mary’s vs 9. Miami

4. Purdue vs 13. Nevada
5. Notre Dame vs 12. Wichita St

3. Duke vs 14. Princeton
6. Cincinnati vs 11. Tennessee/California

Salt Lake City
2. Arizona vs 15. North Dakota St
7. Xavier vs 10. Arkansas

West Region

Salt Lake City
1. Gonzaga vs 16. North Dakota
8. Michigan vs 9. Kansas St

4. Florida St vs 13. Bucknell
5. Creighton vs 12. Monmouth

3. Kentucky vs 14. Akron
6. Maryland vs 11. VCU

2. Oregon vs 15. CSU-Bakersfield
7. Virginia Tech vs 10. Seton Hall

South Region

1. North Carolina vs 16. UC-Irvine/New Orleans
8. Oklahoma St vs 9. Georgetown

4. Butler vs 13. Valparaiso
5. Wisconsin vs 12. UT-Arlington

3. Florida vs 14. Florida Gulf Coast
6. SMU vs 11. Vanderbilt/Georgia Tech

2. Baylor vs 15. Furman
7. USC vs 10. Michigan St

Play-In Games (Tuesday in Dayton)
Vanderbilt vs Georgia Tech (winner to Orlando)
NC Central vs St Mary’s (winner to Buffalo)
Play-In Games (Wednesday in Dayton)
Tennessee vs California (winner to Greenville)
UC-Irvine vs New Orleans (winner to Greenville)

Bids By Conference: ACC – 9, Big Ten – 7, Big East – 7, Big XII – 6, SEC – 6, Pac-12 – 5, American – 2, West Coast – 2

Last 6 Byes: Kansas St, Georgetown, Marquette, Michigan St, Seton Hall, Arkansas

Last 4 IN: Vanderbilt, Georgia Tech, Tennessee, (VCU), California

First 4 OUT: Clemson, Pitt, (Middle Tennessee), TCU, Wake Forest

Next 4 OUT: Dayton, Syracuse, (Wichita St), Providence, Rhode Island, (UT-Arlington)

Others Considered: Illinois, Ole Miss, Georgia, Illinois St, New Mexico St

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