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Alabama head coach snubs hug-seeking fan on field after game

Alabama head coach Nick Saban is all business on the field — before, during and after games. One particular fan learned that lesson after the Sugar Bowl was in the books.

The Crimson Tide put forth a tremendous defensive effort and defeated the Clemson Tigers, 24-6, in Monday night’s College Football Playoff matchup — punching its ticket to the national championship game. Saban, however, clearly wanted the team to put the game away before the final seconds even ticked off, as he was seen going off on offensive coordinator Brian Daboll on the sideline after the Crimson Tide failed to capitalize on great starting field position midway through the fourth quarter. A 24-6 lead clearly wasn’t enough to satisfy Saban, and he wanted the team to score more points, which they failed to do.

They did manage to emerge victorious by a sizable margin, though, which apparently made one Alabama fan believe he could get a hug from Saban after the game.

Apparently, he could not. Check out this funny exchange that took place on the field after the game.

Hugging fans on the field isn’t something Saban has been known to do, but that fan tried anyway.

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