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2011 Big Ten Season Review: Look into my crystal ball!

Right now you’re thinking “What? The season hasn’t started yet. How can you review it?” Well, I consider this my way of clarifying the muddle. Some pre-season predictions simply gauge the most talented teams. Others try to consider voter bias and strength of schedule. I forget about pre-season altogether and skip to the post-season.

I’ve been doing this since 2004 with a PSU-centric vision. My main focus is Penn State, then the Big Ten, and then the rest of college football. I’ve had some huge winners through the years (Rose Bowl vs. USC in 2008 and a 20-point victory over Notre Dame WITH a Derrick Williams punt return TD in 2007) and some huge misses (Rose Bowl prediction in 2004—ouch!—and Virginia Tech national title in 2009).

Last year’s predictions were no different. I nailed Iowa’s demise when most had them top 10 pre-season. I also called Wisconsin’s Rose Bowl appearance and narrow loss. I even called an Alabama win over Saban’s old Michigan State club in the Capital One Bowl.

Then again, I also predicted Georgia to be in the national title game. Yikes.

Starting tomorrow, I’ll go through the bottom of the Big 10 and work my way up to the top, culminating with Penn State’s season wrap-up. Keep coming back to see where your favorite teams will end up. Maybe they’ll even end up with the most coveted crystal ball of all.

One thing’s for sure: my crystal ball won’t fail you.